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Solar Energy Engineering Company

Reliable, Clean Energy for the Future

Solar Energy for Households and Businesses

Households and Businesses can take advantage of the abundance of the sun 365 days a year. On average there is a 20% ROI on Solar Energy Systems in the first year after commissioning. Contact us for a free power analysis and solar energy proposal that suits your operational needs and budget.

Solar Energy Irrigation Systems

Solar Irrigation Systems can alleviate the need for diesel pumps and/ or generators for irrigation in remote areas where there is no grid connections. Our Solar Pumps are custom designed for operating in harsh conditions and the solution is simplified to keep the price low and hence affordable for small holder farmers.

Safari Resorts and Lodges

Safari Resorts and Lodges are by nature located in remote areas far away from grid connections. Solar Energy is a welcome alternative to diesel powered generators providing clean energy and savings. There are a number of financing options available. Contact us for advise on which options can suit your needs and budget.

Solar Power Plants

There is urgent need to produce more electrical energy in Mozambique. Solar Energy is the most favored option given the abundance of sun throughout the year. With many organisation willing to fund Renewable Energy Projects, Solargrid is in a position to lead power plant construction projects of various sizes and budgets as a local partner.

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About Us

Solargrid Mozambique is a leading Solar Energy Engineering Company in Tete Region, Mozambique. Our company was founded in 2020 when our founders noticed there was a power gap between what EDM can supply and consumption. We set out to design solar energy solutions that suit our customers needs and budgets. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction and we strive to provide the very best service to everyone we work with safely.

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Bairro Chingodzi, Matema, Tete

+258 845170684

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